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Good morning, this is the "Lunatick" mentioned by the poorly educated and clearly mentally challenged poster who continues to go on and on warning everyone about the dangers of the dreaded character known as Momo. Since all attempts to inform and ridicule this individual have ultimately failed I decided to attempt and clarify this issue once and for all. Not only for the lolz but to hopefully rid this cancer from our once beloved shell of its former self website and let the handicapped return to daytime television.

Internet hoaxes are real. They happen all the time.

The media is mostly to blame but it is the stupidity of those who choose to believe everything they see and hear both online and on television that causes these things to inflate.

Some mentionable classics include the "Tide Pod Challenge" and "Free Bleeding" movement.

The first red flag was obvious when reports were varied but included claims that these clips were attached to episodes of Peppa Pig and The Waltons. Who the fuck watches the Waltons these days?

The next set of problems stem to a lack of evidence. There are exactly ZERO videos with either images or video of this character being attached to any form of media online. Of course, since the story has broke there have been many fakes produced, but it doesn't take Sherlock God Damn Holmes to deduce the timestamps and origin dates of this case simply do not match up.

Then you have to look at the countless sources that have completely debunked and explained this to be nothing more than a media sensation and a lie. If you had actually attempted to, I don't know, learn a little about what you are promoting over and over again.

For your reading pleasure I have attached several examples of such.

But I'm sure this is all a lie. I am a shill for Momo, pushing the hateful agenda in hopes of causing mayhem and murder across the world. All through YouTube videos.

"This is my design. It will be my greatest masterpiece......"

Get over yourself. And for the love of all that is holy, use fucking autocorrect. It's there for a reason. show contact info /momo-challenge-hoax-explained

Good luck, and goodnight
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